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MUNAY in the Quechua language of the Incas of Peru

is an action word or a verb that means to LOVE


Munay & Me


Chef Jonathan grew up in the northern section of Peru. The word MUNAY means love in the Quechua (native) language and best describes Chef Jonathan and the care that he takes while making our favorite dishes. Growing up, he was surrounded by farmers and fresh markets, where he learned to appreciate the great taste of fresh local food.


First arriving in the United States in 2001, Chef Jonathan has worked all facets of the industry and finds himself at home working closely with individuals just as passionate about food as himself.


Munay Restaurant Group and Chef Jonathan joined forces to bring Munay Kitchen to Norwalk, Connecticut where they can bring fresh local ingredients and unique dishes using Peruvian Spices. Chef Jonathan has a deep appreciation for the beauty of simple food — letting the ingredients shine and providing a uniquely memorable dining experience.


Menu & Nightlife


Munay Kitchen Peruvian Cuisine in Norwalk, CT offers a wide selection of Peruvian including the Best Lomo Saltado available in Fairfield County. Click the link below to view our full menu.

“Happiness is great food and great company” 

- Unknown -


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